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Server Status Updates

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Hey it’s Brian and I am BACK from paternity leave with our freshly hatched, 7 lb 7 oz little boy! To get myself back into the swing of things I’m going to turn out a quick blog post for all of you with a new, minor update. What is a… Read More »Server Status Updates

I feel the need…

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Peter “Maverick” Mitchell, aka Tom Cruise, said it best! At Birthing Your Brand, we feel it too! Speed is very important for a website… so important that Google has made it part of their algorithm for ranking your website in their search engine results page (SERPs). When it comes to… Read More »I feel the need…

How to use Local Business Schema

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Your website, social media, and any digital marketing are amazing methods to expand your businesses reach around the world and in your local community. The world’s most used search engine, Google, reports that greater than 46% of all online searches have a local intent behind them, meaning that these searchers… Read More »How to use Local Business Schema

The Ask Method

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Imagine that you enter into Walmart and are walking up and down all of the thousands of aisles because you’re not sure what you want to buy. Suddenly, a Walmart Associate (do those even exist…I’ve never been able to find one when I need one!) comes to you and asks… Read More »The Ask Method

Improved Email Sending

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Email is often the preferred method of sending information online, so it makes sense that email is also an essential part of running a successful website. When it comes to Birthing Your Brand, email is something that we have struggled with in regards to finding the best way to get… Read More »Improved Email Sending

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