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Server Status Updates

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Hey it’s Brian and I am BACK from paternity leave with our freshly hatched, 7 lb 7 oz little boy! To get myself back into the swing of things I’m going to turn out a quick blog post for all of you with a new, minor update.

What is a Status page?

A server status page is a communication tool that helps us inform you about outages and scheduled maintenance on our servers. What are our servers, you may be asking? Those are the fancy computers we have in datacenters around the world that keep hold your website so that people can visit them. If you are familiar, it’s what a hosting provider like GoDaddy or Bluehost provides.

For all of you, we have added a status page onto our website so that you can know what is going on.

Why a status page?

There are actually benefits for both you and us for having a status page. For us, it helps us to build your trust by being transparent and having the information readily available. It also can help reduce incoming support requests during incidents (while we do everything we can to avoid them, these do happen). It also allows us to improve our communication process by having a place where we can let you know about scheduled maintenance and add notes about historic and ongoing incidents.

For you, it’s a way to see what is going on and have some peace of mind. By having it, it also lets you know that we have automatic checks in place to let us know of any issues as soon as they occur and lets you know that we are already working on a fix!

Where is the Status page?

We made the status page easy to find by adding a blinking dot next to it to draw your attention. You can find it in the footer of our website at If you are reading this post, scroll down to the footer to find it!

It’s important that we don’t host this page on our website, because if your website is down, our website is down, and then you couldn’t get to the page. If you want a direct link to the page (and feel free to save it as a favorite in your web browser), you can find it at:

What’s it look like?

The biggest thing to look for is the big green checkmark and the status “All components Operational”. If you see that, your website should be working as we expect it to. If you don’t see that, know that we are already aware and working on a fix to whatever problem there may be. Check back soon to see any updates that we have published.


We added a status page on our website so you know that we know of any problems or issues occurring at Birthing Your Brand!

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