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Helping Birth Professionals Succeed in Business

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Beautiful websites that are designed to convert visitors into clients and help you grow your birth pro business!

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Connect with your audience where they are... the internet! Help them find your website with SEO, send your newsletter to 10,000 followers, and so much more!

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Leading Lady
Zoë Etkin

Hey, it's Zoe again!

Every good company needs a doula behind it, so that’s where you will find me. I have been in the birth and parenting world since 2012, completing my training under amazing mentors in Los Angeles before returning home to Memphis. I came to this work with a passion for empowering people to take an active role in their health, which led me to a doula practice built upon client-centered, customized support to fit each family’s unique needs. I love nothing more than supporting new families as they navigate the joys and challenges of early parenthood.

Not only have I worked hard to build my own doula practice but I have also dabbled as a web designer for other birth professionals who needed websites to show off their brand and grow their business!

With the help of my co-founder Brian, we decided to create a platform that would have everything birth professionals need to grow their business online. Something that would remove the tech roadblock and allow you, the doulas and birth professionals of the world, to focus on helping your clients

After a few months (and many late nights) basking in the warm glow of my laptop screen, our idea became reality, and Birthing Your Brand was born!

Hey, I'm Brian!

I can’t say that I knew much about the doula or birth professional world until early 2019 when I had a little one of my own (isn’t she adorable!!!). Honestly, after just a day or two of being a father, I realized I didn’t know much about anything at all! It was a world changer and I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for my amazing wife, a wonderful RN in the room, a fantastic OB, and so so so many more people (night nurses, lactation counselors, too many to list). It is for these professionals that we created Birthing Your Brand for; to help them grow their business, connect with more families, and thrive as critical support for mothers and fathers (like me!).

So besides being a first time father (if you don’t count my two fur babies), I get to be the computer nerd at Birthing Your Brand. My passion and love for all things nerdy started at a young age thanks to my dad (Star Trek lover), evolved as the first young generation with laptops and cellphones, and continues to this day with my internet passion projects!

As one of our users at Birthing Your Brand, you will get to work with me to complete the set-up of your brand new website, get a walk-through of our dashboard via video chat, and you may even find me in the Live Chat! Let’s get working together to grow your business today!!!

Tech Mastermind
Brian Dragutsky
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