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Improved Email Sending

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Email is often the preferred method of sending information online, so it makes sense that email is also an essential part of running a successful website. When it comes to Birthing Your Brand, email is something that we have struggled with in regards to finding the best way to get emails working for your website and coming from your email address.

Our current solution has been to use Mailpoet, an incredible newsletter platform built right into your Birthing Your Brand website to help you drive traffic to your website, connect with your customers/clients, and engage your newsletter subscribers. It allows us to easily connect with your email address (all you have to do is click on a button in an email sent to your email address) and get your emails working for your newsletters.

We have also been using Mailpoet to send your transactional emails. What are transactional emails exactly? Transactional emails are frequently referred to as triggered emails. After all, by definition, they are sent when a certain “transaction” is triggered – a password reset link is hit, a new account is created, or a form is submitted. These emails are typically meant to inform, answer questions, guide, or give a heads-up about what’s going to happen.

The issue has been that we don’t set up your email address until the last step right before your website launches to the world! So if we forget (after all, we are only human), or if you struggle to click that button sent to your email to confirm your ownership of the email, or something else occurs, you could possibly miss out on some of the emails that should have been sent to you. Also, it makes it so that you aren’t able to get your reset password link if you forgot your password (don’t worry, we can reset it for you!) or test your forms until we set it up at the absolute last second!

We couldn’t let that stand, so today, as part of our big mega update, we have implemented Sendinblue’s SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for default transactional emails. This is automatically set-up for you as soon as your new site is created and will send all of your transactional emails from Of course, once your website is set-up we can easily change it so that your transactional emails come from your own email address (via Mailpoet’s sending service) or you can just leave them coming from, the choice is yours! At least this way we can make sure that you don’t miss any emails!!!

So why did we choose Sendinblue? Sendinblue is a top-of-the-line email and digital marketing platform. Since their business is based on sending emails, it is of utmost importance to them to make sure that their emails are safe, secure, and highly deliverable! Basically, we can trust them to get your emails to your inbox!!!

So are you super pumped like we are?!?! Probably not (haha) but this is just one of the ways that we are continuing to improve Birthing Your Brand for you!

TLDR: Your transactional emails (password resets, form submissions, etc.) just got a lot better at making it to your inbox! You’re welcome!

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